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About us

The Gladiators Soccer Academy began its journey on May 11, 2020 in an unexpected and unprecedented manner, as the world was going through a critical and chaotic pandemic, our school emerged in the midst of chaos. From such a difficult, sad and remarkable situation all over the world, Gladiators has come to provide positive changes in the lives of young athletes and family members, seeking to offer the best opportunity to improve the psychological, social and physical development of students. Due to the pandemic that the whole world was facing, people could not leave their home and in a way the world literally “stopped”. Thus, the owner and founder of Gladiators started training his son at home and posted videos on social media. After that, several parents who knew Kleber and his ability, knowledge, experience, and technique in soccer, asked if he could teach their children as well. Kleber then started training these children and from then on several other parents were interested and the number of children increased in a surprisingly short period of time. And that was how the Gladiators Soccer Academy was founded.

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School goals

Collaborate in the formation of children and young adults through the most widespread team sport in the world: soccer; ⁃ Use sport as a tool for socialization, and use its values to build their character. ⁃ Become a distinguished soccer school, always aiming to train athletes to become exemplary citizens; ⁃ Offer training with values that goes beyond the field, and will serve for the lifespan of athletes; ⁃ Work discipline, ethics, and fair play;


The methodology was developed respecting the roots of Brazilian soccer, which is based on happy and technical soccer, bringing the most modern soccer training for children and teenagers. Approach to technical, physical, tactical and psychological aspects, respecting the trainable aspects in each age group and providing different stimuli for each level of student.

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